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Gratias ago! Thank you!

Many people have helped me with these books.

At the initial stages of writing this series I was delighted to discover an entire website devoted to ancient Ostia:

The webmaster is Jan-Theo Bakker. The members are scholars and amateurs who share a passion for Ostia. Many of them have generously given me invaluable advice on aspects of life in ancient Ostia. I would especially like to thank Antonia Arnoldus-Huyzendveld, John Bodel, Domenico Carro, Barbara Cooper, Valentin Kockel, Isabelle Mardones, Silvano Sanges, Eric Taylor and of course Jan-Theo himself.

A member of the Ostia webgroup who deserves special thanks is Bill Thayer (AKA Lacus Curtius) who patiently helped me with countless questions and even read an early draft of 'The Thieves of Ostia'. He is webmaster of his own exhaustive site on all things Roman, Bill Thayer's Website.

One of the most gratifying aspects of writing these books has been the generosity of busy scholars, many of whom have taken the time to answer my questions or even read entire typescripts. Those I would like to single out for praise are Ralph Jackson (British Museum), Robert Wagman (University of Florida), Margaret A Brucia, Nodge Nolan, and Professor Kathleen Coleman (Harvard University).

Thanks to my original agent, Teresa Chris, and to my current agent, Clare Pearson.

Thanks to my editors at Orion: Judith, Jon & now Amber.

Thanks to my husband Richard, who is my biggest fan and greatest support.

Finally, I want to thank my mother Pat Weiss, and my late father, Louis Weiss.


I love you and I couldn't have done it without you.

Maximas gratias vobis ago!