Primary links



The Aeneid by Virgil
(Nubia's favourite book, translated into English)

Ancient History Sourcebook
(primary sources translated into English)

Ancient Texts about Ostia
(what ancient writers wrote about Ostia)

Animals in Latin Proverbs
(Bestiaria Latina)

Best Site about Ancient Ostia
(visit this site before you visit Ostia )

British Museum - Young Friends
(a great resource for kids in the UK)

Greek Mythology and the Theater
(and lots of other good links to Greek Mythology - hat tip to Libby!)

Clothing in Roman Times
(excellent site about what Romans wore)

Dictionary of Greek & Roman Antiquities
(on one of the biggest Classical sites: Lacus Curtius)

('more wired than a Roman internet café)

Gladiators for Hire
(this re-enactment group called Britannia does great shows in the UK)

Greek Mythology I
(an excellent resource for Greek gods and goddesses)

Greek Mythology II
(more about the Greek myths)

(Greece's greatest hero!)

Latin Library
(primary sources in Latin for all you swots)

Caroline Lawrence Pinterest Page
(find out what the Roman Mysteries author has been doing this week!)

Minimus (primary Latin)
(learn Latin with 'the mouse that made Latin cool')

Nero's Golden House
(the setting for much of book 4 'The Assassins of Rome')

Ostia Antica
(the Ostia- lovers' site is back online!)

Pliny's Famous Letters
(his eyewitness account of the eruption of Vesuvius)

Pliny the Younger
(all his letters translated into English)

In Depth Commentary on Pliny's two most famous letters! 

(Lots of Latin and technical stuff)

The Romans
(a great BBC website for schools and students)

Roman Army
(useful page includes a great animation showing the structure of the Roman army)

Roman Gladiators
('You wouldn't want to be a Roman Gladiator!')

Filming the Roman Mysteries TV series
(images from the series that aired in the UK in 2007 and 2008)

Roman Names
(how to make up accurate Roman names)

SPQR app
(superb app for all things Latin & Classical with tons of fun features)

Virtual Museum Ostia
(every item in Ostia's museum catalogued and photographed here)

(you'll find some great images at this virtual classics community)

Folklore and Mythology Resource Guide
(useful site for kid-friendly guide to myths and legends)