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The Roman Mysteries is a series of 17 historical novels set in Ancient Rome, along with half a dozen supplementary titles. Aimed at children aged 8-14, the books offer exciting openings for lines of enquiry into almost every aspect of Roman life: social structure, daily life, mythology, religion, entertainment and leisure. In 2007 and 2008, the BBC did a glossy adaptation of ten of the books in 20 half hour episodes. A spin-off series for of four books for slightly younger readers is The Roman Mysteries Scrolls. A new series, The Roman Quests, follows the next generation of young Romans as they flee pursuers to Britannia.



In order to concentrate on my writing
I generally reserve October and March for author visits in the UK,
but sometimes I am happy to come out of 'wribernation'. 
I am now taking bookings for March and October 2019.
To see my free days, go HERE.



In a SINGLE hour-long talk illustrated by artefacts & images from my travels, I share my secrets for plotting stories, finding characters and creating a detailed world of adventure. I offer a variety of talks (see below). There is time for Q&A afterwards and book signing if schools are happy for me to sell my books.

1. 'How to Write a Great Story' - fun talk with more emphasis on writing plot & characters (8 - 12 yrs)
2. 'Mysteries of Ancient Rome' -  exciting talk with more emphasis on Pompeii & Rome (8 - 12 yrs)
3. 'History Detectives' - fun talk with more emphasis on The P.K. Pinkerton Mysteries (8+)
4. 'Myth, Movies & Storytelling' - more advanced talk about 'The Hero's Journey' in myth & movie (12+)
(with visual references to Theseus, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Paddington and several others)
5. NEW! 'Time Travel to Roman Britain' - touches on Roman funeral customs & magic, esp. in Londinium

Ideally the school will provide at 100+ children aged 8 - 13 in one big group. 
(Some schools invite classes from other schools to make up numbers)
The school should have a projector, screen, darkened hall and (ideally) a lapel or head microphone, so I can wave my arms.

I am happy to have lunch in a quiet classroom or library with up to 12 children (library helpers, wannabe writers, fans, etc.) as a treat: Lunch with the Author


The cost is £250 plus VAT & travel (from Clapham Junction) plus £50 if you want me in costume.

(Possible surcharge of £100-£200 for journey time of more than three hours)


Schools can either invite in a local bookseller or I can supply books at a discount. 

For more information, email me at carolinelawrence [at] me [dot] com



Here are some free resources for teachers on this site:




    I The Thieves of Ostia - the friends meet and solve their first mystery

    II The Secrets of Vesuvius - a riddle and danger as Vesuvius erupts

    III The Pirates of Pompeii - who's taking children from the refugee camp?

    IV The Assassins of Rome - Jonathan's search takes him to Rome

    V The Dolphins of Laurentum - sunken treasure and Lupus's past

    VI The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina - romance & mystery in Ostia

    VII The Enemies of Jupiter - plague and fire in Rome, early AD 80

    VIII The Gladiators from Capua - opening of the Colosseum, AD 80

    IX The Colossus of Rhodes - the four friends take a cruise in May...

    X The Fugitive from Corinth - then pursue a fugitive around Greece

    XI The Sirens of Surrentum - the Bay of Naples for poison & decadence

    XII The Charioteer of Delphi - a famous racehorse goes missing

    The Code of Romulus - a World Book Day booklet (now a collector's item)

    The First Roman Mysteries Quiz Book - Roman fashion, food, music & more

    XIII The Slave-girl from Jerusalem - courtroom drama in Ostia

    Trimalchio's Feast and other Mini-Mysteries - a collection of short stories

    The Second Roman Mysteries Quiz Book - Roman medicine, love, marriage & more

    XIV The Beggar of Volubilis - a caravan across North Africa

    From Ostia to Alexandria with Flavia Gemina (a Travel Guide)

    XV The Scribes from Alexandria - Egypt and Nubia in Roman times

    XVI The Prophet from Ephesus - the four go to Asia Minor (Turkey)

    XVII The Man from Pomegranate Street - who killed Titus & whom does Flavia marry?

    The First Roman Mysteries Omnibus (new edition)

    The Legionary from Londinium and other Mini-Mysteries



    Roman Mysteries TV series Season One DVD

    Roman Mysteries TV series Season Two DVD

    Roman Mysteries Box Set; Seasons 1 & 2 DVD


    I The Sewer Demon - Threptus the ex-beggar boy must overcome a creature from below 

    II The Poisoned Honey Cake - Threptus gets in trouble when he steals a cake from an altar
    III The Thunder Omen - During the Saturnalia, Threptus and Floridius try to rig the omens
    IV The Two-faced God - Threptus sees the god of the new year: Janus! Or does he?


    also by Caroline Lawrence:

    1. The Case of the Deadly Desperados, the first of P.K. Pinkerton's adventures

    2. The Case of the Good-looking Corpse, the shoot-outs book
    3. The Case of the Pistol-packing Widows, Carson City shenanigans
    4. The Case of the Bogus Detective, the stage-coach book


    Retelling of a story from book 9 of Virgil's Aeneid for teen readers


    Retelling of a story from books 7 and 11 of Virgil's Aeneid for teen readers


    THE ROMAN QUESTS - a new series set in Roman Britain
    1. Escape from Rome
    Juba and his siblings Fronto and Ursula flee from Rome to Britannia
    2. The Archers of Isca
    Fronto joins the Roman legion to learn to be brave
    3. Death in the Arena
    On a quest to find a doctor named Jonathan ben Mordecai, Ursula finds herself performing in the arena 
    4. Return to Rome 
    The three and their British friend Bouda return to face the Emperor Domitian



    TIME TRAVEL DIARIES 1: Destination Londinium 260 AD

    TIME TRAVEL DIARIES 2: Destination Athens 399 BC